Tatura Fast Facts

We have a secure year round supply of milk to meet changing market demands quickly and efficiently
TATURA is the perfect partner to support your business as it grows into the future
TATURA is the largest Australian owned supplier of Life Stage Nutritional powders in Australia
All TATURA products are guaranteed for freshness and are of the highest quality
We can manufacture product specifically to meet our customers individual needs and market requirements
As the largest private label cream cheese manufacturer in Australia we can supply competitive prices to our customers
Our natural pasture fed cows are free from any herbicide or pesticide residues, providing the highest quality milk
Our fresh milk is collected daily and processed within 24 hours allowing us to produce some of the finest quality products in the world
We invest in research and the latest technology to help provide our customers with the best results for their business needs
TATURA produces a premium quality range of milk powders that are specifically targeted to individual markets, customer and application requirements.

Powders are available as skim milk powder, whole milk powder, fat filled powder and Milk Protein Concentrate or "MPC". Each has specific attributes and are produced to the most stringent standards to ensure consistency in product functionality and quality.

Skim milk and whole milk powders

Ideal for reconstitution into liquid milk, these powders have the same levels of protein and carbohydrate as fresh milk and are used in the manufacture of food products.

Fat filled powder

Only available in bulk quantities, TATURA fat filled milk powder is a cost effective alternative to whole milk powder.

Used in large scale food production processes it has the same fat content as whole milk and is used to manufacture confectionary, cheese and coffee whiteners. TATURA fat filled powder is instatised for superior dispersibility and wetability.

Milk Protein Concentrate

Milk Protein Concentrate is often used in countries where fresh milk is unavailable and can be readily reconstituted to manufacture milk products, cheese, yoghurts and fresh desserts.

A concentrated and protein rich milk powder, Milk Protein Concentrate is 85% pure milk protein.

The largest Australian owned manufacturer of infant formula & private label cream cheese.

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