Expert Staff

Expert staff.

TATURA has been manufacturing quality dairy products for the Global market for over 100 years. Approximately 80,000 tonnes of manufactured products are produced per annum. Using state of the art technologies and systems more than 70% of total production is exported to Asian and European markets.

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Flexible facilities and supply.

At TATURA we have the resources to meet the varying needs of our customers. We have the ability to economically build supply as our customers business grows. At our wet mixing facility raw ingredients are blended according to specific customer requirements. We have the technology that allows us to produce a range of specialized products, including many varieties of nutritional infant formula.

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Uncompromising quality.

The Australian dairy industry has earned a reputation for producing consistently superior quality products and achieving the highest quality standards for a worldwide market. That reputation is well deserved and is clearly displayed in Victoria where the quality assurance practices are among the most stringent and toughest in the world.

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Product Formats TATURA support a wide range of product formats