Tatura Fast Facts

TATURA is the perfect partner to support your business as it grows into the future
TATURA is the largest Australian owned supplier of Life Stage Nutritional powders in Australia
Our fresh milk is collected daily and processed within 24 hours allowing us to produce some of the finest quality products in the world
We have a secure year round supply of milk to meet changing market demands quickly and efficiently
We can manufacture product specifically to meet our customers individual needs and market requirements
Our natural pasture fed cows are free from any herbicide or pesticide residues, providing the highest quality milk
We invest in research and the latest technology to help provide our customers with the best results for their business needs
As the largest private label cream cheese manufacturer in Australia we can supply competitive prices to our customers
All TATURA products are guaranteed for freshness and are of the highest quality

Premium quality cream cheese

Made in Australia from farm fresh cow’s milk, TATURA Cream Cheese is world renowned as a rich, soft, mild tasting spreadable white cheese featuring a superior creamy texture and fresh tasting flavour.

TATURA Cream Cheese products are grouped into three main categories - Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese Spread and Neufchatel. Each category is packed in formats to suit our customers and the food production industry.

Cream cheese is used by manufacturers in the prepared foods, catering and hospitality industries for:
  • cheesecakes
  • dips
  • savoury snacks
  • desserts
  • pastry crusts
  • confectionary
  • processed cheese
Particularly noted for it’s texture, consistent product behaviour and superior quality, TATURA Cream Cheese products are available in formats and sizes to suit the needs of the industrial, retail and food service sectors:
  • Consumer tubs 125g - 250g
  • Foodservice blocks 2kg up to 10kg
  • Food processor blocks 10kg or 20kg

The largest Australian owned manufacturer of infant formula & private label cream cheese.

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