Tatura Fast Facts

TATURA is the perfect partner to support your business as it grows into the future
TATURA is the largest Australian owned supplier of Life Stage Nutritional powders in Australia
All TATURA products are guaranteed for freshness and are of the highest quality
As the largest private label cream cheese manufacturer in Australia we can supply competitive prices to our customers
We invest in research and the latest technology to help provide our customers with the best results for their business needs
We have a secure year round supply of milk to meet changing market demands quickly and efficiently
Our fresh milk is collected daily and processed within 24 hours allowing us to produce some of the finest quality products in the world
Our natural pasture fed cows are free from any herbicide or pesticide residues, providing the highest quality milk
We can manufacture product specifically to meet our customers individual needs and market requirements

I'm Laura McBain and I am general manager of Bellamy's Organic. Bellamy's Organic is a food and nutrition provider for babies and toddlers and we only focus on organic foods, so we really believe that organic is the best thing for children from birth and so all of our products are certified organic in Australia and that means that when an ingredient is certified organic that the farmer has abided by certified organic farming practices. So we've got a whole chain of food that is produced in really quite pristine condition and it also extends to the actual manufacturing process itself.

The testing process is really important, I mean that is absolutely critical, we're dealing here with newborn babies and TATURA have an extremely efficient and effective quality management system and their quality management team is really unsurpassed. What TATURA Milk Industries do is they provide enormous innovation so to be able to come to an organic formula and be willing to take that on is just phenomenal and to be prepared to grow with a company that was small and we were at that stage and take us on that and be on that journey with us is just fabulous. People will say to me "Your formula is the best quality product.'

So I would say to anyone who is interested in working with TATURA if you are really looking for the best quality product and you are really passionate about providing children with the highest quality infant products then TATURA really is a place you would stay with.

For more on Bellamy's Organic watch this video or visit their website.


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The largest Australian owned manufacturer of infant formula & private label cream cheese.

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